The pictures featured in this gallery are those that have been chosen for inclusion or submitted by our members.

If you would like your dog, or dogs, included please email your pictures to Simon; you can also send hard copies to him.

Pictures shown are in no particular order.

Arvi Badger Digging Ben
Bracken Dilly Dee Dee
Skye Mikka Lily Dilly & Kimmi Heather's Pup

Odin's Family

Janmaninaleksanteri Dougal Jahkkaswiikari
Chika Bonnie Toby
Kookie Loki LumiturpaOikku
LumiturpaOtso Nemorautavaaralla Peikko & Elaine
Risukarhin Aly Sami Smiler
Snow Dogs Tilkkutjatulppu Totie
Valio Rex Magic
Bailey Baywatch Beauty Freya Elbereth Ilo of Starlapps
Teddy Fin Ch Chelville Tapio Boris
The Quarantine Litter: Sulyka Lecibsin Jokka,
Sulyka Lecibsin Inca, Sulyka Lecibsin Nilla
Lumi and Kimi Jack Chetwynd with Pepsi, Rico and Kookie
at the 2002 Garden Party

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