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  • Our most recent link was sent to us in April by Valley Charter School and provides this link to a very useful information about Lyme Disease, click here to read it

  • Our Club Championship Show is sponsored by Royal Canin, you can visit their site here

  • If you would like to see an amazing gallery of Finnish Lapphund pictures click here

  • Did you know that Finnish Lapphund can be proven to be part wolf?  Find out more here.




Click on the Health section of this site for all the links on health and test results for Finnish Lapphunds, including:

BVA Canine Health Schemes

Optigen prcd-PRA Gene Test

The Pet Health Council

Many of the Dog Associations and Charities listed below have excellent advice available on the health and care of your dog.


See the Breeders section of this site for details of UK breeders who comply with the FLC of GB health standards. Includes litters expected

Breeders in Finland who comply with the PEVISA health standards

KoiraNet which provides extensive information on pedigrees, breeders and health

BVA Animal Welfare Foundation for guidance on choosing your new dog.


National Dog Clubs for Finnish Lapphunds

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme

Links to dog activities of all sorts

Agility Net

Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

The Lapinkoira Association of Great Britain

The Southern FL Society

Young Kennel Club site

KC 'Why not Try?' page for juniors.

The Lapphund Club of Finland

The Swedish Lapphund Club

Finnish Lapphund Club of America:

Finnish Lapphund Club of Canada

For Finnish Lapphunds in Australia see the Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria and links to other Lappie clubs in Australia.


Dog Associations

Show Results: Highampress, Fosse Data, CidWeb

KC Showing Information

Glossary and information on showing

Dog Show Central - excellent site for those interested in showing

Junior Handling site

Our Championship Show is Sponsored by Royal Canin - visit their site here

The Kennel Club

The Scottish Kennel Club

The Finnish Kennel Club

The Swedish Kennel Club

The FCI: the World Kennel Association

Dogs in the Community

Dog Charities

Volunteer with or without your dog - lots of chances to get involved:

Canine Concern

Canine Concern Scotland Trust

Canine Partners

Pets as Therapy (PAT)

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Dogs for the Disabled

The Cinnamon Trust

The National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSRDA)

The Dog's Trust

The Animal Health Trust

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association

The British Veterinary Association's Animal Welfare Foundation

The Blue Cross

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust

Search engine to raise money for the KC Charitable Trust

Travel & Dog Friendly Places

Dog Press

Travelling abroad with your dog: DEFRA (UK)

Taking Your Pets Abroad - from the British Veterinary Association's Animal Welfare Foundation

Kennel Club advice on travelling abroad with your dog

Kennel Club advice on holidays with your dog

Dog friendly cottages in Cornwall

Dog World

Our Dogs

Dogs Monthly

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