The FLCGB Breed Health Survey is now online and available for Finnish Lapphund owners to
participate in, find out more here.

Don't forget that you can use the links on this page to check out the results of DNA tests for prcdPRA and Pompe Disease


The Finnish Lapphund is generally healthy in comparison to many other breeds.

The Kennel Club, the British Veterinary Association and the breeders in the Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain have worked together to ensure that mandatory health tests on Finnish Lapphunds are carried out before breeding. On 1st January 2010, new eye tests were introduced - click here for more information and for 2013 a test to identify whether a dog is clear or a carrier of the Pompe disease gene was introduced.

If you are thinking of buying a Finnish Lapphund, then please go to a breeder who is a member of the Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain and who will have carried out all the tests before breeding and made informed decisions on the sire and dam to increase the likelihood of having healthy pups.

The results of health tests are given below to assist breeders, owners and puppy purchasers with understanding the health profile of Finnish Lapphunds.

If you have a health question, would like to report a health problem or send a test result into the club then please see the links below or contact Mary Starling, the Health Co-ordinator at

If your dog is showing any sign of distress or discomfort or any unusual symptoms, then always go to your vet as soon as possible - there is no substitute for professional advice.

FLCGB Health Survey 2013 Update

In spring 2013 FLCGB launched an online Health Survey. All members and known Finnish lapphund owners were contacted (repeatedly - and we do apologise for this!) to try and encourage as many as possible to take part. I am very happy to announce that the survey was a huge success, with 291 entries! A previous survey done by the Kennel Club and BVA in 2004 only received 48 entries, so this was an excellent improvement. A full report and results will be available towards the end of the summer.

We also had a little gift to give out to one lucky participant of the survey; congratulations to SUSAN ROSS, owner of Bear

We thank you ever so much for taking part! 

A huge thank you to all those who assisted me in putting this together, your feedback and input was invaluable.


Sara Iversen

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CLUB CONTACT : Ask a health question, report a health problem, send a test result into the club, report a dog passing away please contact the Health Coordinator, Mary Starling.
Tel. 01797 225850

KC Breed Watch

KC Breed Watch advisory


TESTS: Find out about the mandatory health tests in place for breeding Finnish Lapphunds:

Hip Scoring. Breeders should choose sires and dams with scores well below the Breed Mean Score for the breed, which is 13 for Finnish Lapphunds (as at 1st Nov. 2008, BVA).

Optigen gene test for prcd-PRA (progressive retinal atrophy).

Annual Eye Examinations by specialist vets for eye conditions including GPRA (Schedule A) and HC, PHPV, PPM and MRD (Schedule B, from 1st Jan. 2010).

See the KC and Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain Code of Ethics for the rules on breeding using these tests.

Annual Eye Examinations by specialist vets and Gene Tests for prcdPRA are both essential for preventing new cases of vision loss.

New for 2013
Voluntary DNA test for Pompe disease.
This list is updated monthly and breeders are advised to monitor tested dogs for any close relation to current breeding stock. If such is found, we advise to test breeding dogs before use". 

Link to a Finnish site with tested dogs can be found here: .

NEW (28/03/2013)
Addison's Disease
For more information about this please click here

BVA Canine Health Schemes

KC/BVA Hip Dysplasia Scheme and BVA Breed Mean Hip Scores

BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme with list of veterinary eye specialists and details of clinics around the country

BVA document What is the Eye Scheme?

Announcement of new eye tests from 1st January, 2010.

BVA Information on Hereditary Eye Disease in Dogs. This is a full overview that gets updated regularly

Background to the prcdPRA Gene Test: article from December 05 Club Newsletter

All dogs must be permanently identified for BVA Health Schemes: BVA press release

KC Breed Watch

KC Breed Watch advisory

KC Breed Standard

KC Info on Health Tests

KC Fit for Function-Fit for Life

KC Accredited Breeders Scheme and ABS Health Tests.

BVA Mean Breed Scores - all breeds

RESULTS: Find a dog's health test results and, if you are buying a puppy or breeding, check the results of the dam and sire and earlier generations.

The FLC of GB is very grateful to members for permission to use the data. Also the UK Kennel Club for permission to use data from the breed health database and the Finnish Kennel Club & the Finnish Lapphund Club of Finland for use of the KoiraNet database.

To ensure health is monitored in the breed and research is supported, all test results should be sent to the FLC of GB Breed Archive. For the Certificate of Eye Examination, the KC only holds data on Schedule A conditions i.e. GPRA. The BVA does not send copies of the Certificates to the Breed Club. To make sure all eye conditions are picked up and your dog's full eye results are recorded on the Breed Archive database, please send a clear photocopy or scan of your dog's Certificate of Eye Examination to Sara Iversen, FLC of GB Health Co-ordinator at

BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme: Hip Scores - for KC Registered dogs and their dams and sires (one-off test). Includes Hip Score Comparison Table. Sources: the KC, BVA, KoiraNet and the FLC of GB Breed Archive.  The latest (as of 18/7/13) results can be seen here.

Eye Test Results covering the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme (annual test) and the prcdPRA gene test for KC Registered dogs (one-off test). Sources: the KC and the FLCGB Breed Archive.  The latest (as of 18/7/13) results can be seen here.

Pompe Disease Results one off voluntary DNA test to determine whether a dog is affected, a carrier or clear.  The latest (as of 18/7/13) results can be seen here.

prcdPRA Gene Test Results (one-off test). Link to KC records. The files are updated at intervals by the KC.

Search the KC database for Hip, Eye and prcdPRA results by dog's name or KC Registration Number. Link to KC records. The files are updated on a daily basis by the KC.

BVA Canine Health Schemes

Optigen prcd-PRA Gene Test

Search prcd-PRA results in Finland

Search all health test results held in Finland with KoiraNet. The link includes a guide on using the database.


OPTIGEN EYE TESTS: Find out about Optigen's gene tests for prcd-PRA and how to get discounts by going through:

Optigen's Discount Days. These are specific days where a code is issued to give a discount online for tests - more days planned in the Spring - check the Optigen website.

Optigen 20/20 Clinics - owners group together to get discounts.

Find out about UK group sessions here where the cost is about 50% compared to doing the test individually. (Thanks to Alison Seall for maintaining this list).

Find out about tests done by Optigen here

For 20/20 Clinic bookings in Moira, Derbyshire, which must be booked in advance, email Sheila Gay at or phone 01789 550888

Find out about Optigen's Discount Days where the prices are reduced for tests.

For full details on upcoming Optigen 20/20 clinics in the UK click here.


RESEARCH: Read the latest on research into Epilepsy and Hereditary Cataracts in Finnish Lapphunds at the University of Helsinki.

University of Helsinki Research introduction, with links to instructions on sending samples to support the research and questionnaire

Genetic Studies among Finnish Lapphunds, 26 August 2009. Latest update on Epilepsy and Hereditary Cataracts from the University of Helsinki with instructions on samples

Email on Epilepsy and Cataracts, Autumn 2008 from the University of Helsinki.


HOW TO HELP: Find out how to support further research into the health of Finnish Lapphunds. Your dog's data is essential to researchers in the UK and Finland working on new tests for health improvement. They need as many samples as possible of the types of dogs listed below to help develop gene tests:

The Animal Health Trust needs samples from healthy dogs which are over 8 years old, which have no history of inherited disease and which have been given the all clear by veterinary examination e.g. the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme test.

The Animal Health Trust also needs samples from dogs with any type of clinically diagnosed disease, inherited or family related e.g. diagnosed as having Idiopathic Epilepsy or diagnosed by a BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme test as affected with Cataracts, PRA, Primary Lens Luxation, Sebaceous adenitis, Cerebellar ataxia or Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia. Also samples from close relatives of affected dogs. By close relatives we mean parents, siblings and grandparents.

The University of Helsinki's research team also needs samples from dogs which have been given the all clear by a BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme test and dogs which are clinically diagnosed as affected with Idiopathic Epilepsy or Cataracts. The team also needs samples from close relatives of affected dogs. By close relatives we mean parents, siblings and grandparents - the older the better.

Giving your dog's DNA is very straightforward with a cheek swab kit or blood sample kit. At the AHT, the Finnish Lapphund falls into two areas of funding: a project to investigate inherited eye conditions in northern breeds and there is also a European-wide consortium, of which Dr. Hannes Lohi's lab at the Univeristy of Helsinki is involved, to investigate canine epilepsy.

The Animal Health Trust's DNA sample kit can be obtained by emailing For more information see the AHT site on current canine research.

Finland's University of Helsinki team have research programmes on Idiopathic Epilepsy and Hereditary Cataracts in the Finnish Lapphund. See the instructions on how to provide samples at the end of the document University of Helsinki Research.


The Animal Health Trust is the UK's leading veterinary charity dedicated to improving the health and welfare of dogs, horses and cats. Please support them with a donation or by buying gifts from their web site.

BREEDERS' SYMPOSIUM NOV. 2009:  Read the summaries of the presentations on Patella Luxation and Cruciate Ligament problems; Cancer in dogs; Canine Dentistry; and KC Health Screening Schemes.

Breeders' Symposium Pack


KC HEALTH SURVEY:  Find out the results of the Kennel Club health survey of all breeds, carried out in 2004.

KC/BSAVA Health Survey 2004 introduction

Finnish Lapphund Results

Summary Results all breeds


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