Working with the British Veterinary Association, the Kennel Club and the University of Helsinki, the Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain is pleased to announce that on the 1st January 2010, the following eye conditions were added to the tests for Finnish Lapphunds carried out under the BVA/KC/ISCS Eye Scheme, Schedule B - Conditions under Investigation:

~ Hereditary Cataracts

~ PHPV (Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous)

~ PPM (Persistent Pupillary Membrane)

~ MRD (Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia)

This is a great step forward for the health and welfare of the breed in the UK and increases the importance of annual Eye Examinations for Finnish Lapphunds used for breeding, as per the Code of Ethics of the Finnish Lapphund of Great Britain and the KC.
The committee would like to thank the University of Helsinki, Canine Genetics team, who made their data available to the FLC of GB, to support the case that was put forward to the BVA Eye Panel and Dr Jeff Sampson of the KC for his advice and support. For more information and how to support the continuing UK and Finnish programmes of research into these eye conditions, please see the links in the table on the main Health page. Our aim is to support the research, add to it and ensure that if the eye conditions are proven to be inherited, then they should be moved onto Schedule A.

The new Schedule B eye conditions are described in the BVA's information booklet: Hereditary Eye Disease in Dogs. The evidence was presented by the FLC of GB and examined by the BVA Eye Panel in November 2009. The Eye Panel decided to place the conditions on Schedule B as the data shows they are only suspected of being inherited and more evidence is needed.

Dr Jeff Sampson, the KC's advisor on canine genetics and health matters, advised the FLCGB that the main reason for not supporting Hereditary Cataracts going straight onto Schedule A was that the BVA eye working party felt that the main criterion for a Schedule A condition is evidence in the peer reviewed, scientific literature. In addition, PHTVL (Persistent Hyperplastic Tunica Vasculosa Lentis), which is recorded for eye tests in Finland on Finnish Lapphunds, was not included in Schedule B, as it is not a condition that is recognised under the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme. However, if a dog is examined and shows signs of this condition then the ophthalmologist will note the observations on the Eye Certificate form. The full description of the Schedule A and B criteria for inclusion is described in the BVA's information sheet, What is the Eye Scheme?

From January 2010, if the Eye Certificate is made available by the breeder to the FLC of GB, the occurrence of the Schedule B eye conditions will be published on this web site, to be added to the results which are already available below - see Eye Test Results. Annual Eye Certificates for Finnish Lapphunds used for breeding can be sent to the Breed Health Co-ordinator at

The occurrence of Schedule B conditions will be analysed each year by the BVA and depending on the results, together with the satisfaction of the BVA's tests for Schedule A inclusion, the BVA Eye Panel may eventually move conditions up to Schedule A. In the meantime, the aim of putting these eye conditions onto Schedule B is to alert prospective owners, breeders and the BVA Eye Panellists who carry out the examinations, of these potential problems.

18th December 2009

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