Fully paid up members can submit points accrued by their dogs Open Shows throughout the preceding year.  As Championship Show results are now all available on line points accrued at Championship Shows will be logged by the Trophy Steward and claim forms for these need not be submitted.

To read the rules please click here

To download a copy of the Points Scoring System information sheet click here

Claim forms for all categories can be downloaded by clicking here (word) or here for a pdf

Completed claim forms should be sent to the Trophy Steward,
Sammy Cooper,
40 Home Farm, Highworth, Swindon, Wiltshire. SN6 7EG or by email to samanthalouisecooper19@gmail.com

Don't forget that the deadline for receipt of trophy points claim forms by the Trophy Steward is 31st January

Note that the Points Score System for the Breeders Trophy was revised March 2008. V2 was issued 15 Jan 09, V3 was issued in 2011





Points Score System Qualifying Rules


Individual Trophies will only be awarded to Finnish Lapphunds owned by members whose membership was fully paid up in the year the awards relate to, and, who are fully paid up members in the year the awards are presented i.e. by the 1st February each year (Club Rule 7).


The qualifying period for annual trophy claims is 1st January - 31st December each year.


The deadline for receipt of trophy points claim forms by the Trophy Steward is 31st January, each year - without exception.


All claims to be official club forms only. E-mail claims are prefered, but Postal claims will be accepted. (No need for both) Please clearly mark your email in the subject line, Annual Trophy claim - your surname.


All claim forms will be acknowledged, please provide a valid email address on your form. If no email is available please send a S.A.E. It is the claimant's responsibility to follow up with the trophy steward if confirmation of receipt is not received by 1st February.


It is advisable for members to obtain proof of posting for their submissions.


Claim forms must be completed by the Member Only. Block claims via a third party will not be accepted.


Show wins in the UK only may be claimed for.


Each claim form must be signed by the club member/owner of the dog. By signing the form, you agree you had read and fully understand the rules.


All results of Annual Trophy Claims will be made available to the membership at the AGM and via the Yearbook.


All claim forms will be available for inspection at the AGM.

Breeders Trophy


All claims for the Breeders Trophy should be submitted by the Breeder/Affix Holder only.


Where an Affix is in Joint Names - both must be fully paid up members of the Club (as per rule 1 above).


A separate Breeders Claim Form must be submitted, clearly stating the full pedigree name of each dog the breeder wishes to be included in the claim.


Each dog included in the claim must be owned by a fully paid up member of the society (as per rule 1 above).


Each dog included in the claim must have a separate claim form, submitted by the owner, for one of the Individual Annual Trophy Awards.


Qualifying classes for the Breeders Trophy are Breed Classes Only (excl. AV/AVNSC/RARE/STAKES etc), and subsequent awards following Breed Classes.


Only show wins in the UK can be claimed for.

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